Protect Your Institution from Fraud

Protecting the integrity of your institution’s screening and admissions processes is crucial. Minimize the risk of receiving fraudulent documents by taking proper steps and precautions.


Explore this page to discover:

  • Ways to identify common red flags.
  • Find valuable tips for safeguarding your institution.
  • Discover how your institution can smoothly transition to digital processes with WES.

Watch Out For These Red Flags

These indicators can easily be overlooked but hold significant importance. Recognizing them is essential not only for safeguarding your institution from fraud but also for ensuring the protection of valuable data.

  • Receiving a message from an email address that does not contain the domain (for example,
  • Receiving a message from an individual attempting to impersonate WES leadership
  • Applicants attempting to send you their WES credential evaluation via email

Tips For Safeguarding Your Institution




Provide applicants with clear, consistent instructions for submitting required documentation.


Additionally, place a hold on the student’s or candidate’s account until all admission requirements are fulfilled.

Question documents that appear suspicious. 


Always refer to the most recent and official guidelines, as some documents might closely resemble those commonly used by your organization.

Always require an official WES credential evaluation and save a legitimate WES report as a sample for comparison purposes.


This practice helps maintain consistency and reliability in evaluating academic credentials.

Go Digital With WES

Digital Delivery with AccessWES:  Our free electronic portal lets your office quickly and securely receive copies of your candidates’ authenticated documents and evaluation reports.

Integration with Slate: Upon completion of your candidate’s credential evaluation, we will automatically and securely upload a completed copy directly into Slate.

Resources: Contact our team or scan the QR code to learn more.

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